Mistakes – "that you may make"

you don't learn anything by doing everything right

Why to wait for multiples of 5??

Tring tring!! tring tring!!…
Alarm is screaming to wake u up but still lazying over bed, sometime up sometime down..
Set an alarm and try to pace up with the set alarm.Just follow the routine hardly for 2 weeks, your biological clock will set within and you will not require of alarm further..


Be The Odd Man Out..

Whoever and Wherever you are getting coaching, whatever is propagate to you is same for all, the same lecture, same notes,same concept and most important same tricks, shortcuts & motivational speeches and hence you still stand among the crowd..
I would suggest be the odd man out.Sleep less and Put your extra effort, get extra shortcuts by practicing more & more problems, by reading standard text books get extra information about a particular topic(which is there in the syllabus).
You would think it being a waste of time.
I guarantee you will build up confidence after grasping the topic more and better than others in the class.

REMEMBER – You will die but Your Knowledge propagates… 😉

Say NO to dependency…

Make sure of being independent most of the time in everything you do during preparation like study, solving problem, or even your personal work, except in worst case.

Why personal work, for example, if you are staying in PG and suppose you need to purchase a notebook available down-stair your PG, never ever ask your roommate or PG-mate because you have to be indebted for whole of the year and you may have to re & re-pay that during your crucial time of your exam.

REMEMBER – Independent attitude brings you Confidence.. 😀

Regretted “If”..(Kaash)…!!

Since the preparation time has begun. Ensure that you study, practice everything regularly.

I have encountered people coming out of the examination hall saying “Yaar kitna easy paper tha ek bar bas dekh leta toh ho jata”  as if I have been stopping him doing so. In reply I don’t have any other option except nodding in “hmmmm with weird smile and one eyebrow up thinking saala mera toh itna padh k muje doubt h, iska ek baar dekhne se ho jata, Feku 😛 “.

So don’t let this happen to you and start preparing all and well.

REMEMBER – “that Kaash” you want to become and soar up in life.. 🙂

History repeats.!

Some candidates wonder “why we are studying history for PSU, UPSC exams, etc especially in engg. department”

No, it is not worthless studying the subject.

Sometime after reading a topic you criticize, show pity, or comment “if he had not done the instance we would have been in better position”.  So the motive is to make aware of the mistakes that they have made and you do not follow the same and of-course also to get great ideas from great deeds of the great minds.

Anyhow from point of examination, you can’t afford to leave a single subject, at least read  the subject once even though you don’t like and make some note of important points for revision. Competition is too tough, and even a single mark can differ your rank by 1000.

REMEMBER – the site is to help you overcoming the mistakes you may repeat that we made.. 😛

Now or Never.

If you are preparing for Competitive exam and believing to start and finish the syllabus by “your” estimated months like “I’ll will start 4 months prior to the exam”, believe me either the day will never come or the syllabus will not come to an end (as per your desire).

Do the requisite from the starting month of your preparation what your syllabus and the competitive exam pattern demands.


kal kare so aaj kar,aaj kare so ab..

pal me pralaya hoyegi, bahuri karoge kab.

some success and failure stories will be posted in continuation of this post…….keep tracking…. 🙂

No Compromise No adjustment.!

Yes, from the very 1st day of preparation the attitude you should posses is “No compromise No adjustment” with my study.

For example, if you are staying in hostel in sharing and your room-partner is talking over phone in front of you while you are busy with Communication Engg. subject.Then don’t just rethink of his/her feelings, let you modulate and amplify your voice signal to let him/her out of the room.

So avoid trying to adjust with the situation where your studies are getting hampered for a second also.

REMEMBER – Your room-partner will not feed you in future so don’t hesitate ;)..

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